Our Capabilities

At TVT Die Casting, we are experienced in manufacturing aluminum and zinc die cast component parts, precision CNC machining, aluminum prototyping and custom finishing. We provide parts ready for your assembly line of all shapes and sizes – to meet your exacting specifications. Throughout all levels of production, we ensure the quality is impeccable.

But we are also with you before production even begins. We can provide engineering and metallurgical advice to help you design a part that maximizes the benefits of the die casting process, in terms of manufacturability, strength and functionality. Our engineers are expert in designing dies for casting, as well as any fixtures required to increase productivity on machining operations.

Once your design is in place, we can provide the level of finish to meet your requirements: raw castings, precision-machined castings or completely finished castings ready for your assembly line.

Throughout the years we have developed many areas of expertise where we stand out:

Custom delivery schedules. We can integrate our production and delivery schedule to meet your most complicated requirements. Whether it’s Just-in-time, KanBan, or ship-to-stock, tell us what you need. And we can deliver.

Short-run, low to medium volume parts. In 1975 TVT identified a need for low to medium volume high tolerance/ value added finished castings in many OEM companies supply chains. Since then we have improved our ability to produce high value added parts in an economical fashion.

Demanding specifications. We are experienced in meeting a wide variety of the most stringent specifications for military, medical / dental and hy-tech electronics industries.

Aluminum Enclosures. Over the years, we’ve excelled in producing specially designed and coated aluminum enclosures. Our experience ranges from producing parts to maximize heat dissipation, maintain a light weight design without sacrificing structural rigidity, and even producing enclosures that are EMI / RFI shielded.

Quality Certification. In addition to being ISO 9001:2015 & AS 9100D Certified, our Quality Assurance Program has advanced in-process inspection, statistical process control and computer-controlled CMM capabilities to ensure accuracy and precision.

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