Our Approach

Building healthy, long-term business relationships is vital to our success. That is why, even as technology changes and manufacturing philosophies evolve, we at TVT Die Casting believe the promises we made at the founding of our company 35 years ago still hold true.

Deliver impeccable quality. Always. From short-run, low-volume parts to dies conforming to complicated military requirements, we are obsessively focused on the quality of our work. When we deliver a part to your assembly line, you know it will function properly. No doubt about it. And, as you’d expect, we are ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100:2016, ITAR Registered.

Provide superb customer service. Our reliability must be absolute. You can depend on what we promise in all areas: schedule, availability, quality, pricing, capabilities. We cannot stress enough that our business depends on you. That is why we do everything possible to meet your specific requirements. If you need engineering or metallurgical advice to design your part for suitable die casting, we can help. From start to finish, you can rely on us.

Price competitively. We want you to be successful. That means finding solutions to your budget requirements that go beyond pricing. Do you need just-in-time delivery, paired with cost-effective manufacturing lot sizes? We can devise a plan. And we’ll deliver on that plan.

Raw casting to assembly: This part, used in vision systems production, has circle-interpolated inside and outside threads and requires three paint processes as well as pad-printed nomenclature.